Q uixotic

Quixotic is a free online computer Scrabble® opponent. You can choose from different skill levels as well as two different dictionaries. The board display has a number of switchable tilesets. Alternately, you can play in text-only mode, which works great in ELinks. The non-text-only version of the game uses a small amount of Javascript.

Blank tiles will be used automatically when you play a letter you don't have. If you want to explicitly place a blank, put the corresponding letter in parentheses: e.g. "sin(g)ing". Other than that, the interface will hopefully be self-explanatory.

The two dictionaries offered are both complete tournament dictionaries, so be aware that offensive words may be used! (However, the North American dictionary, NWL2020, lacks offensive slurs such as racial slurs.)

No plugins are needed to play Quixotic; it works through a standard web browser. To save your game, click the "Save" button in the upper right panel, then just bookmark the URL in the address bar when it tells you to.

Initial tileset:

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Have fun!

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