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I'm an avid nature-watcher--and living in one of the best cities in Canada for nature-watching! I love hiking through Ottawa's diverse greenspace, stopping along the way to study birds, beasts, insects, wildflowers, and whatever else catches my eye. This blog is my way of sharing that love, in both pictures and stories. Since I'm foremost a birder, birds are often the subjects of my photos, although in late summer I may switch focus to insects.

I'm a hobby photographer. After many happy years with a Nikon D40, I finally wore the shutter out, and now own a Nikon D3200. My lens is a Nikon 70-300mm VR, and I use it handheld. Since I prefer to combine nature photography with long hikes, a tripod doesn't hold much appeal for me.

I also upload my best photos to a photo gallery, sometimes with accompanying computer wallpapers. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, which means you may reuse them for non-commercial purposes, but should credit me when doing so. See the Usage page on the gallery site for more info.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Why "Home For A Day"?
A: The short answer is that I have never felt at ease or at home in the world, but the beauty of nature is what finally convinced me that I could at least call it "home for a day."