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The photos on this site are free for personal use under the terms of the Creative Commons Non-Commercial License. That includes using them as computer wallpaper, making prints, making derivative works, and redistributing them. The conditions are that you don't profit from my work (i.e. use it commercially), and that you credit me prominently, both by name, and, if you are using my work online, by linking back to this gallery.

Needless to say, every picture here is mine and I have the original bitmaps from my camera to prove it. If you see one of them on another site without credit to me, it was probably stolen. I would encourage you to re-download any wallpapers of mine that you found elsewhere: other sites often resample the jpegs to reduce file size, thus degrading image quality. My originals are saved at a very high quality (96%).

If you're interested in commercial use of my work, contact me and we'll discuss terms. You're also welcome to contact me if you'd like a higher-resolution version of a photo/wallpaper than the one I've provided online. Depending on intended use, I may offer it for free, or we may set up some sort of licensing arrangement.