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Life bird #318

The fellow second from the front is my latest lifer, and a long time coming! This small, stubby-billed Canada-Goose-lookalike is a Cackling Goose, a bird of the far north.

Photos of Cackling Geese are often framed to emphasize their tininess--placing them in the backdrop, for instance, or placing them right next to a "Giant" Canada Goose (the familiar large, long-necked subspecies that frequents our local parks in summer, often with goslings in tow.) I'm as guilty of this as anyone (see above!) But I feel it does novice birders a disservice. Cackling Geese, at least in the east, are not that small compared to smaller races of the Canada Goose, with whom they are often seen. It's the stubby bill that really gives them away, in my opinion. A somewhat fairer comparison shot follows (Cackling Goose in front):

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November 14th, 2012 at 2:43 pm
Yay lifer!

I don't think I'd have noticed the difference on my own.

November 14th, 2012 at 9:21 pm
318? Already? It seems like just a little while ago that you were celebrating your 300th!

November 15th, 2012 at 2:47 am
It's been a good year :-)

The following will probably be TMI, but compiling it brought back some pleasant memories. It also proved that I miscounted, this was actually #319.

  1. Feb. 8 - Lapland Longspur - farmer's fields in Casselman
  2. Feb. 8 - Varied Thrush - backyard feeder in Limoges
  3. Feb. 15 - Gray Partridge - near Kanata Centrum
  4. Mar. 21 - Long-Billed Dowitcher - flooded field in the east end
  5. Apr. 27 - Sora - Nortel wetland
  6. May 11 - Eastern Screech-Owl - Point Pelee
  7. May 11 - Black Tern - Point Pelee
  8. May 15 - Least Bittern - Nortel wetland
  9. June 13 - Louisiana Waterthrush - Pocahontas Park in Virginia
  10. June 13 - Yellow-Throated Warbler - Pocahontas Park in Virginia
  11. June 16 - Hooded Warbler - Swift Creek Trail in Virginia
  12. June 18 - Wilson's Storm-Petrel - Cape Hatteras (beach)
  13. June 22 - American Avocet - Cape Hatteras (Pea Island Wildlife Refuge)
  14. Sep. 1 - Buff-Breated Sandpiper - Ottawa River east of Andrew Haydon Park
  15. Oct. 10 - Surf Scoter - Ottawa River at Shirley's Bay
  16. Oct. 17 - Western Grebe - Ottawa River from Quebec side
  17. Oct. 22 - Tufted Duck - Ottawa River at Shirley's Bay
  18. Oct. 22 - Black-Backed Woodpecker - Lime Kiln Trail
  19. Oct. 22 - Northern Saw-Whet Owl - Lime Kiln Trail
  20. Nov. 13 - Cackling Goose - Andrew Haydon Park

November 16th, 2012 at 11:24 am
Congrats on finally seeing the Cackling Geese! They look so dainty, don't they?