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Port In A Storm

Northern Cardinal and female House Finch at my feeder on a blustery, wintry day.
Virginia/Hatteras Triplist

Triplist for a winter visit to Chesterfield, Virginia and Cape Hatteras, NC.
Cape Hatteras in winter

Highlights from a winter photo shoot at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge, including a fly-over from one of the resident meadowlarks of the salt marsh.
The Red-Shouldered Hawks of Deerfield

One of a pair of wintering Red-Shouldered Hawks, stalking feeder birds in my parents' neighborhood in Chesterfield.
Virginia backyard birds

Photos courtesy of my aunt Alice's bountiful bird feeders, including an adorable Tufted Titmouse and a male Bluebird.
Birds Of Dutch Gap

Cormorants, a Hermit Thrush, and a juvenile Bald Eagle who acted like was sizing me up for a possible lunch, photographed at Dutch Gap in Virginia.
An invasion of Red Admirals

Two of the tidal wave of migrating Red Admiral butterflies that passed through Ottawa in spring 2012.
Spring fever

An evening chorus of snipe, rails and bitterns at Shirley's Bay, followed by my first experience of woodcock spring fever on Rifle Road.
Spring migrants tough it out

Migrant Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, trying to find food at Mud Lake on a frigid morning.
Rainbow crested

Close-up drake Wood Ducks at Mud Lake in the morning, under perfect lighting conditions.
Billing and cooing

A Wood Duck gently preens his mate.
Ethics of recorded bird calls

A link to an article regarding the ethics of using playback to attract birds.

A study in contrast of a Black-Capped Chickadee, red osier dogwood, and blue sky.
The spring warbler paparazzi

A gorgeous male Black-Throated Blue Warbler attracts a swarm of eager nature photographers, plus Palm Warbler in spring migration at Mud Lake.
Drama at the Nortel wetland

A failed attempt to draw out a Sedge Wren with playback demonstrates just how much other birds hate Sedge Wrens.
Pink Ladyslippers

Delicate Pink Ladyslippers at South March Conservation Forest, one of the few and best places in Ottawa to find them.
A Gift

I stumble across a Black-Billed Cuckoo in the Greenbelt, who was so busy finding food that it didn't bother hiding from the camera.
Katydid nymph on hawkweed

A neat color contrast between blazing orange Devil's Paintbrush and the green insect perched on it.
The sap tapper

A male Yellow-Belled Sapsucker tending his sap wells in a birch tree at South March Conservation Forest.
Nesting Killdeer at South March

Discovery of a nesting Killdeer at South March Conservation Forest, who gave me the famous killdeer broken-wing display.
King of butterflies

Photo of a male Monarch butterfly.
If nothing else, it makes for good stories!

The sad but amusing tale of a somewhat disastrous outing to Palmetto-Peartree Reserve in search of Red-Cockaded Woodpeckers.
Surf birds at Cape Hatteras

Summer beach birds at Cape Hatteras, including a Boat-Tailed Grackle wading in the surf to catch coquina clams.
More Hatteras highlights

A handsome White Ibis and one of Nags Head's abundant Joe Bell flowers, plus many more bird photos from Pea Island and the beaches of Cape Hatteras.
One good tern deserves another

Photos of a few of the resident terns at Cape Hatteras.
Summer 2012 Hatteras Triplist

My summer 2012 Virginia and Cape Hatteras triplist.
Watts Creek Trail

Peaceful scenery on the Watts Creek Trail in Ottawa.
A youngster in the meadow

A White-Tailed Deer fawn in the tall meadows along Watts Creek Trail, with its watchful mother nearby.
Amber on violet

European Skippers nectaring on cow vetch, a feast of summer color.
White-Faced Meadowhawk

Photos of a meadowhawk dragonfly that eats what looks like a small pupa.

A contented-looking bullfrog at Mud Lake.
Pink Lake

Scenery from Pink Lake, a beautiful turquoise lake in the Gatineau.
Pileated Woodpecker and fall colors

Female Pileated Woodpecker at Jack Pine Trail, with a backdrop of golden leaves.
Diners at Shirley's Bay

Customers at the Hilda Road feeding station, including a dashing adult White-Crowned Sparrow and a chipmunk stuffing his cheeks.
Indian summer

A Garter Snake comes out to bask on an unseasonably warm day.
A day of jawdrops

Part one of a jawdropping, three-lifer birding day. Lifer #1 was a sleeping Saw-Whet Owl, its location revealed to me by a band of chickadees.
An odd duck, and the upside of forest fires

I see my first Tufted Duck at Shirley's Bay, and join Bob Cermak and a few others to search for Black-Backed Woodpeckers at Lime Kiln Trail.
Autumn At Andrew Haydon Park

Dramatic lighting at Andrew Haydon park, with full sunlight on one side of the sky and dark clouds on the other.
Snow Buntings at Shirley's Bay

Cute, well-camouflaged Snow Buntings at Shirley's Bay. I got photos to show off the plumage and one 'where's Waldo' photo to show off the camouflage.
A photogenic hawk

A handsome and rather tame adult Red-Tailed Hawk along Carling Avenue.
Hairy Woodpecker portrait

A Hairy Woodpecker poses just so for the camera.
Exploring the Lime Kiln burn

I return to the Lime Kiln burn site to photograph the Black-Backed Woodpeckers, as well as some hungry chickadees who follow me into the woods.
Life bird #318

Photos of a lifer Cackling Goose, a small, stub-billed Canada-Goose-lookalike, at Andrew Haydon Park.
Pine Grosbeaks close to home

Ravenous Pine Grosbeaks descend on crabapple trees along Legget Drive.
The Bandit

Photos of a Bohemian Waxwing that was sharing crabapples with Pine Grosbeaks.
Your source for dapper crested frugivores

I spend the morning with a huge, tame flock of Bohemian Waxwings, taking photo after photo as they strip the crabapple trees bare.
Rough-Legged Hawk

A surprise sighting of a Rough-Legged Hawk hovering over the fields along Terry Fox Drive, searching for mice.

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