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Pink Lake

Took my mom hiking at Pink Lake in the Gatineau, and took the landscape lens along for a change.

1680x1050 wallpaper

Under the right conditions, Pink Lake is a deep, turquoise green, like something you'd expect to see in the tropics. It can be hard to capture the color on camera (my camera anyway), but it did come out in this one:

Trivia courtesy of

"With no oxygen at the bottom of Pink Lake, there is only one organism that lives in its depths--an anaerobic prehistoric organism. It is a pink photosynthetic bacterium that uses sulphur instead of oxygen when it transforms sunlight into energy.

Pink Lake is also home to the three-spined stickleback fish, a saltwater fish left behind by the Champlain Sea that used to cover the region. This little saltwater fish adapted to the lake's gradual desalination and today lives in the lake's fresh water."

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