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Spring migrants tough it out

Our recent cold snap has been hard on the birds and butterflies that poured into Ottawa early, drawn by the deceptive summery weather. The many Yellow-Rumped Warblers at Mud Lake yesterday morning were mostly foraging on ground, scraping the bottom of the barrel in their search for insects and other invertebrates. Still, the males had enough energy to sing almost constantly.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglets too filled the air with their songs, and flashed their (normally concealed) ruby crowns at each other. Neither species breeds at Mud Lake, but birds often sing and display in spring migration--warming up, as it were.

Cold weather is ideal for photographing Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. They don't move around as fast!

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April 27th, 2012 at 8:55 am
Indeed... hyper kinglets are hyper!