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The sap tapper

My next two posts come from a leisurely afternoon hike through South March Conservation Forest. I continue to be thrilled at the wildness and biodiversity of these woods, which rival anything I've seen in the Gatineau.

This was the tamest Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker I'd ever found. He didn't fly away as I approached, but continued to tap away at his sap wells while I snapped pictures. Sapsuckers are specialized woodpeckers. Those rows of small holes are his work. He'll lick up any sap that leaks out, as well as any insects that are attracted to it.

Sapsuckers are considered a "keystone species", important to the survival of many other birds and animals, not least hummingbirds. When flower nectar is in short supply in spring, sapsucker-made wells can help tide them over.

Katydid nymph on hawkweedNesting Killdeer at South March


June 3rd, 2012 at 8:33 am
Nice shot... I like the pics that show characteristic aspects of the birds!