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I'm an avid nature-watcher--and living in one of the best cities in Canada for nature-watching! I love hiking through Ottawa's diverse greenspace, stopping along the way to study birds, beasts, insects, wildflowers, and whatever else catches my eye. This website is my way of sharing that love.

I'm a hobby photographer. After many happy years with a Nikon D40, I finally wore the shutter out, and now own a Nikon D3200. My lens is a Nikon 70-300mm VR, and I use it handheld. Since I prefer to combine nature photography with long hikes, a tripod doesn't hold much appeal for me.

New photos will usually be posted on my blog as well, sometimes with detailed commentary. I also share some photos there that are less artistic, but still interesting. So if you're a fellow nature-lover or just interested in hearing the stories behind the pictures, feel free to follow along.

Website Notes:

A row of pull-down lists at the top of gallery pages allows you to navigate through general or specific categories of photos. My North American bird photos, in particular, are usually categorized down to the level of individual species, for the convenience of other birders and naturalists. Making a selection from a pull-down list will automatically take you to the appropriate gallery. To return to the main gallery at any time, click on the banner at the top of the page

There are some special categories at the top level as well--photo sets from various vacations and birding trips. Pictures from those sets will also show up in the usual categories.

This is a fairly old-school website with no annoying, browser-hijacking bells and whistles (such as pop-overs.) I trust that you have a tabbed browser and know how to use it. I've tried to make the site reasonably browser-agnostic; however, I do use a bit of JavaScript and DHTML. Any modern graphical browser such as Firefox, Seamonkey, IE, etc., should be fine.

If you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to email me.