Welcome to homeforaday.org, webhome of Suzanne Britton. Hosted here are the following:

A nature photography gallery. Photos are released under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license, and many are available as computer wallpapers. On the accompanying blog, you can read the stories behind the pictures.

Quixotic, an online Scrabble® game that lets you play against the computer, and The Scrabble® Challenge, a duplicate Scrabble® game in which players attempt to find the best possible play each turn. (Note that I have not yet adapted these games to work well on mobile.)

Worlds Apart: an interactive science fiction novel.

An Ataxx game that you can play against the computer. Ataxx is similar to Reversi/Othello. I originally built an Ataxx AI, years back, to help me beat the infamous "microscope puzzle" in The 7th Guest, and this web app version of the AI can still be used for that purpose. (Set the skill level to at least 4, set the computer to play first and let it show you what moves to make.) But of course, you can just play it for fun too. (This is not yet mobile-friendly.)

My Quest For The Perfect Window Manager: A history in screenshots.

Several open source Linux/Gtk+ applications: GtkLife, a Conway's Life implementation, and Wordplay, an anagramming game.

Several old Java applets: a Turing Machine simulator and a bifurcation demo. I've left these up for historical reasons though Java applets are not usable in modern browsers. If anyone wants to download the source code and turn one of them into a modern web app, feel free! I may rewrite the TM simulator someday since it was always one of the most popular parts of my site.

You are welcome to email me with comments, requests, or bug reports.

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