The    S crabble®    C hallenge

Welcome, logophiles!

The Scrabble Challenge is a web-based implementation of "duplicate Scrabble". During each turn, players vie to find the highest-scoring word with a given rack. Every 12 hours, the board is updated with the best play, and the next turn begins. High scorers get their names in lights in the game history. The board display has a number of switchable tilesets, for which all the credit goes to my husband, CorelDraw wizard. Alternately, you can play in text-only mode, which works great in ELinks.

A computer solver also plays each turn, finding the best possible move. This feature allows the computation of "efficiency" in game history, showing each player how close to perfect he or she came.

This site was inspired by Kevin Cowtan's (now defunct?) Scrabble Challenge. The primary difference between the two is that the original Scrabble Challenge is based on the SOWPODS dictionary (a combination of North American and European dictionaries), while this one uses the tournament version of the OSPD (Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary). Read here for a more detailed explanation on the dictionary I use.

You may make multiple moves in a turn. Only your best move will be counted. Blank tiles will be used automatically when you play a letter you don't have. If you want to explicitly place a blank, put the corresponding letter in parentheses: e.g. "sin(g)ing".

Please do not use anagrammers or solvers.

Initial tileset:

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Have fun!

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