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An Anxious Parent

Like the Winter Wren at South March Highlands, this House Wren made a huge fuss of a distraction display when I stumbled into its territory. It perched conspicuously and scolded nonstop until I left. It probably had fledglings hidden about in the undergrowth.

1680x1050 wallpaper

In many areas House Wren is a common backyard bird (thus the name), but in Ottawa it's quite localized--although in the past few years, I seem to be seeing more and more of them. Places I've found them singing include Shirley's Bay (where I found this one), Watts Creek Trail and adjacent Nortel woods, Petrie Island, and the lands south of the airport. They favor open woodlands with scattered trees, and nest in tree holes or bird boxes. They're usually shyer than this. This was my first-ever opportunity to photograph one up close!

As sweet as they look and sound, House Wrens have a sinister side. They've been known to sneak into the nests of neighboring birds and puncture their eggs. This is presumably a way of eliminating competition for resources. Another peculiar habit of the species is deliberately incorporating unhatched spider egg sacs into their nests. After the spiderlings hatch, they prey on the mites that would otherwise parasitize the vulnerable nestlings.

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