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New Years Hares

Fluffy white Snowshoe Hares come out to enjoy the platform feeders at Shirley's Bay, joined by a cottontail or two.
Toughing It Out

A collection of photogenic birds braving the Ottawa winter.
Don't Mind If I Do

A red squirrel helps himself to the birdseed I scattered on a rock.
My First Great Grey

Photos of a Great Grey Owl, the tallest owl in the world and one of the most magnificent, in the east end of Ottawa.
Life bird #322

The discovery of a wintering Northern Hawk-Owl in Ottawa.
A Feast Of Birch Bark

A porcupine eating one of its favorite winter foods.
Turkey Crossing

Why did the Wild Turkey cross the road?
March Valley Grosbeaks

Pine Grosbeaks swarm the feeders on March Valley Road, their rose-red plumage brightening the winter landscape.
Welcome back, Red-Winged Blackbirds

Welcoming Red-Winged Blackbirds and their scarlet epaulets back to Ottawa.
Hoodies At Sunset

Close-ups of Hooded Mergansers, adults and young, on a pond along March Valley Road.
For ilanikhan

A Highland cow, photographed at Shirley's Bay where the trail runs alongside a small farm.
Portrait of a Life Bird

Close-ups of Lesser Black-Backed Gulls at Cape Hatteras, foraging for mole crabs, flying over the surf, and strolling at sunset.
Virginia Highlights

A few photographic highlights from Virginia: Brown Thrasher, Yellow Iris, and Red-Spotted Purple, an attractive color morph of the White Admiral butterfly.
Birds of Hatteras and Dutch Gap

A courting Forster's Tern feeding fish to his prospective mate, and other sights at Cape Hatteras, plus a Prothonotary Warbler at Dutch Gap in Virginia.
Virginia/Carolina Triplist

A triplist for my spring 2013 visit to Virginia and Cape Hatteras, including the details of three unphotographed lifers.
It's that time of year

Newborn goslings at Mud Lake.
Literally A Puddle Duck

An uncommon dabbling duck shows up in the melted snow dump along March Valley Road.
A Spine-Tingling Night

Spotted thrush evensong segues into a nighttime chorus of whippoorwills at Carp Ridge.
Two Ottawa firsts, one welcome, one not

The uncommonly handsome Eastern Towhee, on its nesting grounds at the Carp Ridge barrens. Unfortunately, there were also deer ticks at the Carp Ridge barrens.
Native Wildflowers Of Carp Ridge

Pale Corydalis and Harebell, two wildflowers that grow in profusion on the rock outcroppings of Carp Ridge.
Fledgling Season

An account of a charming distraction display by a parent Winter Wren at South March Conservation Forest. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on hand!
Too Perfect

A wild Wood Lily discovered in the undergrowth of Carp Ridge, as perfect as a carefully tended garden flower.
Blanding's Turtle at Carp Ridge

A large Blanding's Turtle lays its eggs at Carp Ridge, one of the few places in Ottawa where this endangered species maintains a toehold.

Wilson's Snipe give me by far my best views ever, perching on the boardwalk railings at Bill Mason Centre and winnowing overheard all morning.
Blue Flag

Photographing a beautiful wild iris that grows around the edges of wetlands.
Racket-Tailed Emerald

A recently emerged dragonfly with wings still glistening.

Widow Skimmers mating in midair.
On My Balcony

Nestling robins just outside my window.
An Anxious Parent

A House Wren, usually a shy bird that stays hidden in the foliage, makes a huge fuss of a distraction display when I stumble into its nesting area.
Highlights From Trillium Woods

Three photographic highlights from Trillium Woods in Kanata, a garter snake with a sparkle in his eye, fairy helmet mushrooms, and a black-eyed susan.
A loss to the Ottawa birding community

Mourning the loss of Bob Bracken, a long-time birder and naturalist in Ottawa.
Slender Spreadwing

A thin and elegant damselfly with eyes like blue opals.
The Beauty Of Jewelwings

A tribute to the Ebony Jewelwing, a unique, metallic-blue damselfly that flutters like a butterfly and courts like a lekking bird.
My First Dragonhunter

My first sighting and first photograph of a Dragonhunter, a powerful dragonfly-eating dragongfly, at Chelsea Creek in the Gatineau.
Odes Outing

Photos of dragonflies in-hand from an OFNC outing to Mud Lake, as well as a cute wasp that caught my eye.
A morning at Bill Mason Centre (part 1)

A scruffy fledgling Swamp Sparrow, a Common Yellowthroat with a meal for his young, and a surprise mink on the boardwalk at Bill Mason Centre.
A morning at Bill Mason Centre (part 2)

Calico Pennant, an outrageously beautiful dragonfly, plus an Amber-Winged Spreadwing, photographed at the old quarry pond near Bill Mason Centre.
A morning at Bill Mason Centre (part 3)

Halloween Pennants and teneral damselflies at Bill Mason Centre.
Long-Leaved Speedwell

A spiked purple wildflower.
Bronze Copper

A Bronze Copper butterfly in a stand of Flowering Rush at Andrew Haydon Park.
A New Dragonfly In Ottawa

The handsome Blue Dasher dragonfly, once unheard of in Ottawa, now commonplace.
Lord Flycatcher

An appropriately regal-looking Eastern Kingbird at Andrew Haydon Park.

Larval water mites hitching a ride on a meadowhawk dragonfly.
"exuberance and preposterousness"

A selection of beautiful odes (dragonflies and damselflies) photographed in Ottawa and Gatineau this summer.
Bill Mason Sand Pit (part 1)

A Canada Darner having a meal, and other insects at the old quarry pond near Bill Mason Centre.
Bill Mason Sand Pit (part 2)

A crimson-red Calico Pennant, Azure Bluets, Greater Yellowlegs, and a teneral darner at the Bill Mason sand pit.
We interrupt your regularly scheduled Ottawa nature photos...

A cow moose up close and personal at Algonquin Provincial Park.
The Next Generation

A new generation of fledged young Wood Ducks, photographed at Mud Lake.
How to tell a photographer to take a hike

A photo shoot with a fish-stalking Great Blue Heron, who finally indicated that he had had enough of me and my camera.
Pondside Slinker

A Green Heron lurks in the grass at the edge of a pond.
Summer Insects Roundup

A scary-looking but harmless pelecinid wasp, and other insects of summer.
A Feast Of Color

A drake Wood Duck in his fresh, brilliant autumn colors, and a female Wood Duck who seemed as taken with him as I was.
Little Devil Diver

An encounter with a migrant Horned Grebe on an overcast morning at Dick Bell Park.
Cormorant Portrait

Portrait of a lingering Double-Crested Cormorant on the pond at Andrew Haydon Park.
A Mouthful Of Autumn

A trifecta of cute rodents at Andrew Haydon Park, including a chipmunk gathering leaves to line its burrow with.

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