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[Hermit Thrush] [Bitter Nightshade] [Spring Fever] [Four-Spotted Skimmer]
[Great Basin Gopher Snake] [Mountain Bluebird] [Marmot Colony] [Liftoff]
[Needham's Skimmer] [Humpback In The Mist] [Night Heron] [Cautious]
[Rainbow Splendor] [Steeplebush] [Spring Oriole] [A Still Moment]
[Tandem] [King Of The Forest] [Columbian Ground Squirrels] [Juvenile Cooper's Hawk]

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All photographs by Suzanne Britton and released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. You may freely adapt and redistribute them for non-commercial purposes, provided you credit me by name and with a link back to this site.