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[Biting off more than he can chew] [Yellow-Bellied Marmot] [Sumac Buffet] [My Rock!]
[Tree Swallow] [Enjoying The Day] [Female Buffleheads] [Nest Builder]
[Red Squirrel] [Downy Woodpecker] [Orange-Collared Manakin] [Northern Shoveler]
[Nesting Gannet] [Hermit Thrush] [Top Of The Morning] [Swamp Sparrow]
[Dark-Eyed Junco] [New Parents] [A Perfect Moment] [Summer's Over]

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All photographs by Suzanne Britton and released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. You may freely adapt and redistribute them for non-commercial purposes, provided you credit me by name and with a link back to this site.