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fvwm-theme (not to be confused with the FVWM Themes project, which you should really check out before running my jerry-rigged scripts :-) is a Perl script which handles background setting, window decor switching, and terminal-theme switching. It also stores the current settings in ~/.fvwm-theme so that they can be restored at next startup. I didn't really design the thing for public consumption when I wrote it, so you may have to tweak it a bit if you want to put it to work on your own system. Take a look at the stuff under "Configurable Constants" especially.

fvwm-theme works from the directory /usr/local/share/fvwm-theme, henceforth dubbed $SHARE_DIR. Wallpapers go under $SHARE_DIR/backgrounds (which can be hierarchical, if you like to sort your backgrounds into categories), window decoration themes under $SHARE_DIR/decors, each in its own subdirectory, and terminal themes under $SHARE_DIR/terms. The qiv image viewer is used to set wallpaper but you can easily change this if you want.

fvwm-theme also supports "meta themes"--files under $SHARE_DIR/themes which specify an option for each theme component.

Here's a sample terminal theme file:


(Two possible options not seen above are "transparent" and "shading=<N>%".)

And here's a sample meta-theme file:


Below are some of the window decorations I use, gathered and converted from other WM's theme sites. "Elberg" was converted by Adam Weinberger, the rest by me. "Eazel Forest" and "Playstation Green" are my own creations, insofar as fiddling with the color of an existing theme counts as "creation" ;-) If you are the author of any of these themes and object to my distribution of it, or just want me to include a license, let me know.

To use any of these themes with fvwm-theme, unpack the downloaded tarball into $SHARE_DIR/decors.

Active Titlebar (shaded) Download
[Eazel Titlebar] Eazel
[Eazel Blue Titlebar] Eazel Blue
[Eazel Forest Titlebar] Eazel Forest
[Micro GUI Titlebar] Micro GUI
[QNX Titlebar] QNX
[Sweetpill Crowberry Titlebar] Sweetpill Crowberry
[Sweetpill Jade Titlebar] Sweetpill Jade
[Crux Titlebar] Crux
[Crux Blue Titlebar] Crux Blue
[Blue Metal Titlebar] Blue Metal
[Ice Titlebar] Ice
[Brushed Metal Titlebar] Brushed Metal
[Fluxbox Titlebar] Fluxbox
[Flat Titlebar] Flat
[Elberg Titlebar] Elberg
[Playstation Blue Titlebar] Playstation Blue
[Playstation Green Titlebar] Playstation Green
[E17 Active Titlebar] E17 (active)
[E17 Inactive Titlebar] E17 (inactive)
[Chromium Titlebar] Chromium
[Helix Titlebar] Helix
[Mechasan Titlebar] Mechasan
[Galaxy Titlebar] Galaxy
[23oz Titlebar] 23oz
[Bebop Titlebar] Bebop
[Industrial Titlebar] Industrial
[Win XP Titlebar] Win XP

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