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[Great Blue Heron] [Winnowing] [Halloween Pennant] [Wood Duck Mom]
[Mating Bluets] [Harebells] [Great Blue Heron] [Twelve-Spotted Skimmer]
[Black-Capped Chickadee] [March Valley Finches] [Red-Spotted Purple] [Snowshoe Hare]
[Fledgling Swamp Sparrow] [Hitchhikers] [Garter Snake] [Ebony Jewelwing]
[Milkweed Bug] [Dragonhunter] [Contentment] [Female Racket-Tailed Emerald]

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All photographs by Suzanne Britton and released under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial license. You may freely adapt and redistribute them for non-commercial purposes, provided you credit me by name and with a link back to this site.