Fvwm Configs

A number of people have expressed interest in my Fvwm configuration. Here are a few snapshots:

Snake River Germany Bluespace

(Lots more screenshots, past and present, are available on my Quest For The Perfect Window Manager page.)

My setup is somewhat complex. It depends not just on .fvwm2rc, but on various Perl programs I've developed.

Do keep in mind that I didn't really design any of this for public consumption--also, I haven't kept up with recent releases of Fvwm (I'm still running 2.5.12.), so it's possible a recent release could have broken something. With that in mind, you're welcome to download my config and experiment with it.

The dockapps running in the above screenshots:

bubblemon is perhaps the cutest and cleverest dockapp ever conceived. Bubbles indicate processor activity, water level shows memory usage, and if you hover the mouse, the scene fades into a load graph. Run out of memory and go into heavy swap, and the water turns red. Being a geek with too much time on my hands, I actually wrote a malloc-forever program to see if it worked. It worked. (So did the OOM-killer :-)

Here are some miscellaneous theming aspects which are not elsewhere covered:

Unanswered questions? Mail me.

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