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Signs Of Spring

Molting goldfinches and redpolls sharing a sunflower feeder on my back balcony.
The Price Of A Hard Winter

How, and perhaps why I found a woodcock in an unlikely spot.
Springtime Strut

Joining a fellow birder to watch the annual American Woodcock air show along Rifle Road.
Return Of The Night Herons

A Black-Crowned Night Heron perched high over the swamp at Mud Lake.
Spring Display

A classic view of a Red-Winged Blackbird brandishing his epaulets amidst a cattail marsh.
Oil Beetle

An odd photo of an odd beetle, and a description of the bee-imitating habits of its larvae.
Sleepy Screech Owl

A new Ottawa bird for me, Eastern Screech-Owl, sleeping the day away in a tree hole.
Sunset Wood Ducks

Drake Wood Ducks showing off their colors to good effect at Mud Lake. The water was like burnished silver that day.
In Praise Of Common Birds

Taking time to appreciate the beauty of a few 'dirt birds': Common Mallard and Ring-Billed Gull.
Spring Beauty

A photo of Spring Beauty, an ephemeral wildflower.
Shine For A Day

A perfect, delicate Trout Lily at South March Conservation Forest.
Three Hunters

A hunter of fish (Black-Crowned Night Heron), mice (Eastern Screech-Owl), and birds (Cooper's Hawk), all photographed at Mud Lake.
Dragonflies and Wildflowers at Sugarbush Trail

Baskettails, clubtails, emeralds and trillium in Gatineau Park. One of the dragonflies was having a rather strange-looking meal.
Mud Lake, late spring

Yellow Warbler, Lily-of-the-valley, and a surprisingly tame Black-Crowned Night Heron at Mud Lake.
A Delicate Beauty

Spring Beauty photographed in South March Conservation Forest.
The Star Of Yellow Sidecar

A feisty hummingbird I found guarding the nectar feeder at our B&B in Cape Breton. Only his mate was allowed to share it with him.
The Star Of Bird Islands

Photographs of colorful Atlantic Puffins at Cape Breton's Bird Islands.

Breeding Razorbills, 'penguins of the north', photographed at Cape Breton's Bird Islands.
Great Cormorants

The intense and prehistoric-looking Great Cormorant, photographed at the Bird Islands in Cape Breton.
Bird Islands Miscellanea

Black Guillemots and a sleepy (or just bored) Black-Legged Kittiwake at Cape Breton's Bird Islands.
A Free Lunch

Close-ups of Bald Eagles from a boat tour to Cape Breton's Bird Islands. The tour leaders threw fish to draw them in.
Reunited At Last

A photo sequence of a mated pair of Razorbills on Cape Breton's Bird Islands, as one struggles clumsily to rejoin the other.
Spruce Grouse

A tame and fearless, if not outright cheeky female Spruce Grouse on Skyline Trail.
Glace Bay Lifers

Discovery of a lone Piping Plover and a nesting Nelson's Sparrow at Glace Bay in Cape Breton.
A set for ilanikhan

Horses roaming in the pasture along Constance Bay Road. Their affection towards each other made for incredible photos.
Elusive Field Birds

A sampling of breeding birds of the pastures along Constance Bay Road, including a pair of feisty Bobolinks.
Highlands Park Vistas

Scenery photos from Highlands National Park in Cape Breton.
Cape Breton Headlands

Scenery from the headlands of Schooner Pond and White Point in Cape Breton, including some of the most baleful-looking trees I'd ever seen.
Bladder Campion

Highlighting the beauty of an under-appreciated little wildflower.
After six years of trying

An Indigo Bunting shows off his colors at Watt's Creek Trail.
Sugarbush Leps

Butterflies and moths, including Compton Tortoiseshell, during a summer stroll at Sugarbush Trail.
Mating Jewelwings

Ebony Jewelwings form a mating circle at Sugarbush Trail.
Anxious Mom

An encounter with a White-Tailed Deer and her well-camouflaged young fawn.
Cedar Grove Bugs

My first trip to Marlborough Forest, a deer-fly-infested but fascinating place. The day's photos included Goldenrod Crab Spiders and tiny micro-moths.
Sometimes nature comes to you

A strikingly colored spider, Argiope aurantia, shows up in my back yard.
A Needle In A Snowstack

How I searched almost in vain for one Pink-Footed Goose amidst tens of thousands of Snow Geese.
A Western Visitor

How a Mountain Bluebird lost its way.
Pileated Woodpecker At Beaver Trail

A Pileated Woodpecker's scarlet crest blazes on an overcast winter morning.

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