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Snowy Owls Invade Ottawa

Winter 2013/14 featured one of the biggest Snowy Owl irruptions in history. This Snowy that I found near Eagleson road was one of dozens seen in Ottawa that winter.
On know

Photos of a rather tame flock of Horned Larks along Old Richmond Road. These birds had found a lark's winter gold mine--a large pile of exposed grain to feed on.
Autumn Leftovers

A Lesser Black-Backed Gull in the Outer Banks, an odd goose at Andrew Haydon Park, and other photos.
Sunset Snowy

Seeking owls and raptors in the Gatineau. Snowy Owls saved the trip from being a bust.
Costa Rica in pictures: part 1 of [??]

A gorgeous Blue-Crowned Motmot in Manuel Antonio National Park, one of the highlights of a Costa Rica birding vacation.
Like They Own The Place

One of my favorite photos in Costa Rica was of a most unlikely bird, the common, raucous Great-Tailed Grackle.
A Beautiful Flycatcher

We in North America are accustomed to drab flycatchers, but the Great Kiskadee of the tropics is another story entirely.
Billing And Cooing

A pair of affectionate Inca Doves who were not at all camera-shy.
Two Fearless Garden Birds

A lovely Rufous-Tailed Hummingbird and a surprisingly bold Rufous-Naped wren, both of whom frequented our resort in Costa Rica.
Boating the Mangroves (part 1)

White-Faced Capuchins photographed during a boat tour in Costa Rica. I was struck by how intelligent and humanlike they were.
Boating the Mangroves (part 2)

Photos from a boat tour of the mangroves in Costa Rica, including a glimpse of a Groove-Billed Ani standing on shore.
High Alert

Photographing Northern Jacanas in Costa Rica. The star was a jacana who had a delightfully exaggerated response to a nearby alarm call.
Close Enough To An Elephant

Cattle Egrets evolved to follow large grazing animals. The ones I saw in Costa Rica had a surprising take on that.
Naranjito and Esquipulas with Johan Chaves (part 1)

Photos from a birding tour with Johan Chaves in Costa Rica, including the splendid Fiery-Billed Aracari and a hummingbird nesting under a leaf.
Naranjito and Esquipulas with Johan Chaves (part 2)

A male Prothonotary Warbler on his wintering grounds, and others from a Costa Rica birding tour with Johan Chaves.
El Rey wetlands with Johan Chaves

American Pygmy Kingfisher, Green Heron and others water-loving birds photographed in the El Rey wetlands of Costa Rica.
Wherein Ursula Vernon makes me laugh hysterically

Just a link to Ursula Vernon's 'Birder Directions: A Play In One Act', probably the best piece of bird geek humor ever written.
Seedeater Birdscapes

In praise of the tiny, unassuming Seedeaters of Costa Rica.
Manuel Antonio National Park

A bluer-than-blue Red-Legged Honeycreeper, Crab-Eating Raccoons, and a Jesus Christ lizard at Manuel Antonio.

A Hooded Merganser pair enjoys a small pond on March Valley Road.
Costa Rica Raptors

Crested Caracara and Roadside Hawk in Costa Rica. True to its name, the Roadside Hawk was near the road, and hunting right in front of me.
Carara National Park (part 1)

Birding Carara with Johan Chaves: Orange-Collared Manakins and Scarlet Macaws. The manakins were guarding their lek and giving us great close-up views.
Carara National Park (part 2)

Birding Carara with Johan Chaves: forest birds, including a brief glimpse of the peacock crest of a Royal Flycatcher.
Carara National Park (part 3)

Birding the wetlands of Carara with Johan Chaves, of which the high point was a colony of very odd-looking Boat-Billed Herons.
Carara National Park (part 4)

Birding Carara with Johan Chaves. This final leg of the day-long tour was my favorite part, as we rested by a shady creek and watched bird after bird come to bathe.
And the floodgates open

Colorful spring migrant warblers swarm into Mud Lake, bringing swarms of birders and nature photographers with them.
The Rainmaker Tour

Lush rainforest, waterfalls, and dizzying rope bridges on a nature tour in Costa Rica.
And now, big damn spider

An enormous Costa Rican Banana Spider and her diminutive mate.
And all the rest...

A final collection of Costa Rica photos, including Red-Breasted Blackbird, Social Flycatcher, Groove-Billed Ani and Gulf Fritillary.
Scenery for a change

A sunset in Kanata.
Death Of A Camera

I lament the passing of a great camera (Nikon D40) after years of faithful service.
Marsh Slinkers

Photographing the bashful Virginia Rail and even more bashful Sora in Ottawa's marshlands.
The Phantom of Carp Ridge

A celebration of the eerie charm of Whippoorwills.
Avian Soap Operas

Seeking out the elusive Sedge Wren near Nortel wetland.
Trout Lily

A miniature yellow lily of the forest, blooming only in early spring.
April's Kinglets

A Ruby-Crowned Kinglet flashes a glimpse of his ruby crown.
Carp Ridge

The strange, snowy-white lichen-encrusted landscape of Carp Ridge.
Wood Duck Pair

A pair of Wood Ducks and a young male Red-Winged Blackbird on the shore of Mud Lake.
Living Color

A Blue Jay glows as his light-refracting plumage catches the sun (creating a moire effect on his tail), and other photos.
A morning at South March (part 1)

An encounter with a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker in the early morning, who found a creative way to announce his territory.
A morning at South March (part 2)

Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks come down to the forest floor and give me breathtaking closeup views.
A morning at South March (part 3)

Nesting birds of South March Conservation Forest: Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, Wood Thrush, Veery and Baltimore Oriole.
A morning at South March (part 4)

Beautiful Wild Columbine and other highlights from South March Conservation Forest, including a view of the unique vegetation north of Heron Pond.

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