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A last-minute rescue

A note on the final fate of the Bullock's Oriole in Pakenham.
A Blizzard Of Snow Geese

A panoramic view of thousands of Snow Geese along the Cobb's Creek floodplain, an annual spectacle in Ottawa.
Those who wish to be noticed, and those who do not

A selection of colorful creatures and very-well-camouflaged creatures.
South March at Sunrise

Early-morning spring beauty at South March Conservation Forest: half-open Bloodroot flowers and a perfect spider web.
A Festival Of Ephemerals

The beauty of South March Conservation Forest, with a focus on spring ephemerals such as Dutchman's Breeches.
Spring Outing

A porcupine on a springtime amble at South March Conservation Forest.
Impressions of Mud Lake (part 1)

A rare and handsome Blanding's Turtle surveys its domain, and other sights on a spring morning at Mud Lake.
Impressions of Mud Lake (part 2)

A grackle whom I've dubbed Lord of the Muck, and other sights on a spring morning at Mud Lake.
Trillium, black flies and a loon

Photographic highlights from Gatineau's Wolf Trail in May, including a surprise loon close to shore on Meech Lake.
Courting terns and vanishing wildflowers

Studying the succession of spring wildflowers at South March Conservation Forest, and three courting Common Terns.
The Showstopper

A magnificent tom Wild Turkey struts his stuff at Mud Lake. Also, goslings.
Breeding Birds In Frontenac Park

The story of an intense birding outing At Frontenac Provincial Park with Jon Ruddy.
Montreal Biodome 2016 (part 1)

Photos from the tropical South American exhibit at the Montreal Biodome, including Hyacinth Macaws and a Golden Lion Tamarin.
Montreal Biodome 2016 (part 2)

Photos from the St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem at the Montreal Biodome.
Montreal Biodome 2016 (part 3)

The Biodome lynx makes a public appearance, and looks speculatively at a few other Biodome inhabitants.
Breeding Warblers In Cottage Country

Magnolia and other warblers photographed on their nesting grounds near a friend's cottage in Quebec.
Sweet Pea

A photograph of wild Sweet Pea taken in cottage country, Quebec.
Insect Safari At Cedar Grove

Goldenrod Crab Spiders, parasitic wasps, and other strange, tiny creatures at Cedar Grove Nature Trail in Marlborough Forest.
Two Beauties

A Common Yellowthroat and an emerald-green Sweat Bee at Carp Ridge.
Return to Marlborough Forest (part 1)

Photographing the birds and butterflies of Marlborough Forest, including my first Acadian Hairstreak.
Return to Marlborough Forest (part 2)

The strange and wonderful insects of Marlborough Forest, with a focus on Goldenrod Crab Spiders and a sweat bee worthy of a Darwin award.
Highlights from the Burnt Lands (part 1)

Hairy Beardtongue, mating Aphrodite Fritillaries, and other discoveries in the Burnt Lands Alvar, a unique wild area west of Ottawa.
Highlights from the Burnt Lands (part 2)

Delicate blue Harebells and more in the Burnt Lands Alvar.
Early Morning At Pink Lake

A beaver at sunrise, a young Broad-Winged Hawk, and other surprises at Pink Lake, an unusual green-hued meromictic lake in the Gatineau.
A few more from Marlborough Forest

Butterflies, a lone Cardinal Flower, and a recently-stirred-up nest of Carpenter Ants in Marlborough Forest.
Fall Festival at Mud Lake (part 1)

Highlights of an early morning trip to Mud Lake: Black-and-White Warbler, Black-Throated Green Warbler, and others.
Fall Festival at Mud Lake (part 2)

Highlights of an early morning trip to Mud Lake: a curious Chestnut-Sided Warbler, a resplendent tom Wild Turkey, and others.
Fall Festival at Mud Lake (part 3)

A hungry Green Heron fishing and frog-gigging at Mud Lake in the early morning.
To The Fringed Gentian

Poetry and a photo in celebration of Fringed Gentian, a beautiful and rare wildflower.
My First Proper Lincoln's

Lincoln's Sparrows in the west end of Ottawa, an honorary lifer for me.
Surprises on the Trans-Canada Trail

A thriving colony of gorgeous Fringed Gentian, and other discoveries along the Trans-Canada Trail.
Algonquin Park in Autumn (part 1)

The blazing colors of an Algonquin autumn.
Algonquin Park in Autumn (part 2)

Some interesting flora and fauna photographed at Algonquin Park in autumn.
Algonquin Park in Autumn (part 3)

Scenery photos from Barron Canyon and High Falls. High Falls is a beautiful open secret in the Algonquin backcountry.
An Exciting Ottawa Lister

My first sighting of Trumpeter Swans in Ottawa.
Late Afternoon at Andrew Haydon Park

Waterfowl and a woodpecker in the late-afternoon glow at Andrew Haydon Park.
Memories Of 2016

Painted Turtles, a hungry bee-mimic Robber Fly, and a glowing yellow backlit Trout Lily.

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