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Memories of 2016 (part 2)

Magnolia Warbler, Northern Water Snake, and the wildflowers of summer.
Memories of 2016 (part 3)

Fringed Gentian in Marlborough Forest, Leopard Frog, Greater Yellowlegs, and colorful fungi.
Winter in Algonquin: Mind Blown

Photographing Evening Grosbeaks at Spruce Bog Boardwalk in Algonquin, one of the highlights of a birding tour with Jon Ruddy. Their colors amazed me.
Winter in Algonquin: Pine Grosbeaks and Pine Martens

An encounter with Pine Grosbeaks on the roadside at Algonquin Park, plus a family group of adorable Pine Martens.
Winter in Algonquin: Spruce Bog Boardwalk (part 1)

Falling in love with Canada's national bird.
Winter in Algonquin: Spruce Bog Boardwalk (part 2)

An unruffled Spruce Grouse tolerates an adoring paparazzi, plus more Evening Grosbeaks, at Spruce Bog Boardwalk with Jon Ruddy.
Winter in Algonquin: Visitor Centre and Opeongo Road

Hand-feeding the Gray Jays at Algonquin Park with Jon Ruddy, plus a stop at the Visitor Centre feeders.
Tiding Us Over

A young Harlequin Duck in the company of Goldeneyes, other birds of winter, and a reminder of spring to come!
Living Sunshine

Male goldfinches show off their fresh breeding plumage at my balcony feeder.
Of floods and falcons and other spring adventures

Stories of some spring birding highlights, including a bogus mockingbird, a real mockingbird, and an unexpected Peregrine Falcon.
Our disaster, their wonderland

A positively startling number of Rusty Blackbirds pours into Britannia Conservation Area, attracted by the flood.
Upstaging The Warblers

I go to Point Pelee to photograph warblers, but a displaying Red-Breasted Merganser steals the show.
Living Color on the Eardley Escarpment (part 1)

A festival of spring ephemerals in Gatineau Park.
Living Color on the Eardley Escarpment (part 2)

Catching a glimpse of two elusive creatures of the forest, a shrew and a Scarlet Tanager.
Spring On The Rideau

Newborn goslings and other highlights from the Rideau River in spring, including an unexpected Brant. And I couldn't resist one photo of the tulip festival.
Wildflowers and booming nighthawks at South March

Wild Columbine and Pale Corydalis adorn the rocky clearings of the South March highlands, while displaying nighthawks dive overhead.
Orchid-hunting in the Burnt Lands

Yellow Ladyslippers and other wildflowers in Burnt Lands Provincial Park.
Eastern Towhees and the Killdeer show

Breeding Eastern Towhees and Killdeer in Burnt Lands Provincial Park, the latter doing their best to draw my attention.
Birds and Orchids (part 1)

In search of a vanishingly rare wildflower with Jon Ruddy.
Birds and Orchids (part 2)

Birding and insect-watching with Jon Ruddy in Lanark County.
Dragonflies Save The Day

A hot day in Marlborough Forest draws out the deer flies, who, thankfully, attract a swarm of fierce, hungry dragonflies!
A Price Worth Paying (part 1 of 3)

The first of three posts about a magical day spent in Marlborough Forest, with a focus on wetland wildflowers.
A Price Worth Paying (part 2 of 3)

Wherein a tuft of cottongrass is to thank for the discovery of my first Showy Ladyslipper.
A Price Worth Paying (part 3 of 3)

When taking the road less travelled pays off.
Early Morning In Marlborough Forest

I go back to Marlborough Forest to shoot the Showy Ladyslippers in early morning light, as well as a singing waterthrush and other wetland denizens.
A Wet Morning On The Tracks

Photographing snails, scenery and scouring rush along the Carp River floodplain.
Catching Up

A failed attempt at finding and photographing an ultra-rare warbler at Mud Lake. I had to content myself with downies and chickadees instead!
Life Bird #473

A new lifer thanks to a southwestern warbler who took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

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